In their pursuit for balance and harmony, ancient civilizations developed an array of techniques based on the biorythms of our planet Earth and its interrelation with our galaxy. They all conclude that every part or continent, and every direction is connected with different frequencies of energy, which at the same time are connected with vibratory frequencies of nature, animals and humans,. This planetary system has its relation and interconnection with our moon, sun and the rest of the planets.

My precious Buddhist Teacher, H.E. Lama Kunga Thartse Rinpoche, while visiting us in Miami, Florida several years ago, was experiencing the supposed arrival of Hurricane Georges. I took the opportunity to ask him the reason for the violence of nature…He replied: “Negative forces of humans attract negative forces of nature...”

The ancient India and the Vedic period, with its wisdom and magnificent knowledge of astronomy and astrology, gave to mankind the beginning of balance, later adapted by Western civilizations and used for our modern technology. Unfortunately, Western technology has completely eliminated the intrinsic subjectivity of life, disconnecting the most important relation between mankind and the subtle energetic system of the universe.

With the correct analysis of the subtle energetic system of the planet and its biorhythm, along with our individual biorhythm, we can harmonize our environment within nature and its vibratory frequencies correctly. In doing this, we improve our living experiences , making them more positive, healthy and fortunate.

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